Not so fast,…

In my last post, I identified my most recent unknown ancestor as the father of Mary “Polly” Rhoten, but, I missed one. On the same ancestral “level” as Mary “Polly”, were the missing parents of Sis Daily. How I overlooked the giant gaping gap of the Daily’s beats me.
Most of my Langford information comes from Early Doyle Langford, a family researcher in Tennessee. Although we’d always known that my grandfather was from Tennessee, we didn’t reconnect with our Tennessee Langford’s until my sister was studying getting her doctorate at Peabody Teacher’s college, now a part of Vanderbilt. Although I have been checking and verifying the information received from Early, sometimes I put off looking if the possiblity is high that a record might be less than simple to find. That is, I get lazy discouraged if I see no more information on a female line and start to assume the genealogical worst, no records available for that person.
Sis Daily was my grandfather’s mother, she married Vinson McKinsey Langford. I decided to search again for their names on just to see if anything new had been added or if I had overlooked something. Their marriage record was listed. I looked at the image of the marriage record, nothing particularly exciting on the actual record itself, an officiant, in this case just a JP, J.M. Mayberry, so no church and no witnesses. Witnesses can often be clues to a family connection. Her name was listed as Sis, although Early had listed a possible name of Elizabeth. Just to be lazy thorough, I clicked on the first image in the collection, planning to print the title page and staple the pages together. Turns out, it wasn’t a title page. It was more a table of contents. On this page, was the date of the marriage, place of birth of the parties, residence of the parties, yada, yada, yada, and witnesses! The witnesses were R. H. or R. K. Lee and John Daily.
The first thing I did was to try to find anyone who might have already done some research on the Daily’s and the Lee’s. I found one person on RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project who had a John Dailey, son of Willis, brother to a Sarah M. E., but no Langford connections listed. Now, Sis and Vinson had a son, William Daniel, whose name is sometimes said to be Willis Daniel.
Next I turned to the Tennessee pages located via usgenweb. On the site was a court record of Pollie Lee, abstracted by Mary Lou Johnson.
The pertinent information for me was the following:

Pollie Lee died in Jackson Co. 29 Oct 1883, had the following children and heirs:

2. Elvira intermarried with Willis K. Dailey

Complainant Archibald Loftis is also owner by purchase of shares of Elvira Dailey a deceased daughter of Pollie Lee, having purchased them after the death of said Elvira Dailey from her children, to wit John Dailey & Sarah Dailey, a son & daughter – and grandchildren of Pollie Lee.

Defendant Margaret Lee, a daughter of Pollie Lee, is entitled to 1/6 interest.

Defendant Willis Dailey, a son of Elvira Dailey and a grand son of Pollie Lee… Willis Dailey is a minor with no general guardian.

Below are not made party to this suit, as they have sold and conveyed their shares:

Nancy Maberry and husband Jefferson Maberry.

Matilda Hawkins

John Lee, deceased heirs, to wit Russell K. Lee and two children of Elvira Dailey, deceased, to wit Sarah Dailey now the wife of Venton Langford [sic] and John Dailey.

So there they were, not only Daily’s, but Lee’s and Hawkins’s. Oh, and that “just a JP”, J.M. Mayberry, that’s possibly Jefferson Mayberry. I gotta stop being lazy making asumptions.


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