Don’t overlook the obvious

Perhaps the LDS didn’t have the film the last time I checked, but I doubt it. Perhaps I was focused on another branch last time I placed a film order, slightly more likely. Or perhaps I didn’t read carefully when viewing what was available in Randolph County, Illinois, regarding probate and guardianship in the 1830 – 1834 time period, which is the most likely. Perhaps I ordered the film and then had a very busy period at work, etc., so that the film ended up being sent back before I could look at it, also highly likely. But for whatever reason, I didn’t order or examine the films for this era and, guess what, turns out they exist and might be of H-U-G-E value.
In fact, I had begun to wonder if the father hadn’t died, that perhaps there had been a divorce. But I thought I’d look one last time for any possible probate records for the county and the time period. I went googling, it helps although it is no substitute for the archives, and came upon a page, by a woman named Velda Moore, of some Randolph County records. I can’t really tell you exactly what led me to her page, I am fairly certain I was searching for obituaries in old newspapers thinking that I had searched probate/guardianship records before with no success. I can’t even replicate the search, now.

Under the Probate Record 1832 – 1843 tab, the following names were found.
PROBATE RECORD 1832-1843 Page 3

Casie Joshua 173,176,211,256
Casse Olive 173,187,214
Casse Andrew J. 174
Casse Independence 174
Casse Charlotte 176,187,213

I included Joshua Casie since he appears on the same page as at least one of the group and deserves investigation.

Under the tab marked Book B-2, April 2, 1833 to Nov 6, 1849 the following names were located.

Casse Olive 21
Casse Independence 21
Casse Jackson 21
Casse Charlotte 23

Immediately, I checked the LDS site for Randolph County, Illinois, and there are film records available for order for the time period.
Oh yeah, ordering those!
Next time, when I am certain that Sherman marched sideways on his way to the Sea and did his scorched earth thaing in a county previously unknown to be touched by him, small joke, very small, I’ll look again, and again.

BTDubs- most courthouse fires in the South were a result of something other than Sherman’s march.


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